Sunday, January 9, 2011

Foto Gadis Bugil Montok

Foto Gadis Bugil Montok  goes to the school as if she was a child. Jane's father comes to pick her up, even though she didn't have any lesson yet. He tells her that her mother is calling her, and they leave the school together. When they enter in the car, they find a cat. Let's examine the dreamer's life biography. Jane is a young woman who doesn't have a boyfriend. She feels rejected by all men. She is trying to understand how to have a love relationship with someone. There are too many details in each dream, and each detail gives us specific information about a certain aspect of the dreamer's life and personality. However, I can quickly translate the general meaning of the dream collection based on the dream symbols that appear in each dream, and on the knowledge I have about the dreamer's life First dream:

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