Monday, January 17, 2011

Foto Gadis Cina Telanjang

Foto Gadis Cina Telanjang Wedding serve a purpose. Apart from invitation they also remind the guests about the marriage on time. So the cards are designed carefully with detailed account of every event before, during and after marriage. The selection of the cards is based on one's traditions, customs, taste and desire. Mostly the traditional cards are preferred even nowadays. Such cards have a picture of betel leaf on the cover with the picture of Lord Ganesh on it. Some have depictions of a baraat and palki in the middle of the card and the picture of Lord Ganesha printed on top. A wide range of color schemes is used in the cards like yellow, saffron, golden, orange, red and green. The cards that are customized have the pictures of groom and the bride printed on the card. The religious marriage symbols that are made use of on the cards are that of Lord Ganesha, swastika, kalash or the betel leaves.

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