Sunday, January 2, 2011

Watch Secret Garden Ep 14 Eng Sub Online

Watch Secret Garden Ep 14 Eng Sub Online, Do you love a korean drama? well Secret garden was one of the favorite korean drama today, so what's the main plot of this secret garden drama? The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), a seemingly perfect man yet with certain arrogance and childishness in him, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy of top actresses. One day they went deep into the mountains and entered a strange house. A strange grandmother offered them chocolate to eat. The next day they found themselves changing bodies.

Here’s a little recap of the fourteen episode of the Korean Drama titled Secret Garden. Ra-im walks in, dressed to the nines, and on Oska’s arm. He thankfully doesn’t try to use his entrance with Ra-im to bait Seul. Instead he leaves Ra-im with one look at Joo-won, and takes Seul away to talk.

Joo-won has the gall to be mad at Ra-im for her absence these last few days. Dude, you haven’t even apologized yet for YOUR part in all this. He then, because he is Joo-won, looks at the label on her dress and notes that it’s a nice one. Pffft. He is such a girl, sometimes. He asks her if her fairy godmother said that she can stay till midnight, after which she’ll go poof and disappear; she responds that it’s all up to him.

Joo-Won mistakes stunt woman Kil Ra-Im (Ha Ji-Won) for Park Chae-Rim and takes stunt woman Ra-Im to a hotel. Later, Joo-Won sneaks into an action school to watch Ra-Im. Meanwhile, Ra-Im tries her best to ignore Joo-Won, because she knows Joo-Won is on another social level from her. Even though Joo-Won is clear that he doesn't have interest in her, Seul pursues Joo-Won. Seul knows Joo-Won is Oska's cousins and wants to use Joo-Won to get under Oska's skin. Joo-Won frantic over Ra-Im's disappearance goes back to look for her. The owner gives bottles of flower alcohol to Joo-Won and Ra-Im. That night, Joo-Won and Ra-Im drink the bottles of alcohol separately.

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